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Medical Toolmaking


Sprint Tool and Die specialise in the design and manufacture of high precision tooling, plastic injection moulds. We undertake work for many industries, but are tending to specialise within the medical industry, as illustrated by the recent project to produce tools for various cannulae for extensive use within the medical and veterinary industry, plus a range of associated products such as thoracic trocars and minute opthalmic needles.

In this example, Insert or over moulding is used to mould clear, polycarbonate hubs and polypropylene buttons onto the cannulae and stylettes of epidurals and spinal needles. Colour coded tool inserts are accommodated in multifunction, two cavity tools and correspond to the button colours which denote the gauge or diameter of the cannulae, the smallest being just 0.42 mm. The total shot weights for the button and hub tools are 1 gramme and 2 grammes respectively. The tools are run on MCP’s 12/90 VSP Machine, a vertical clamping, pneumatic machine for insert or over moulding.
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